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Isles of Scilly - St Martins

St Martin's is the northernmost populated island of the Isles of Scilly, England. It has an area of 237 hectares (0.92 sq mi).

There are three main settlements on the island - Higher Town, Middle Town and Lower Town - in addition to a number of scattered farms and cottages, with a total population (2001 census) of 142.

The island has one hotel, St Martin's On The Isle, and one pub, The Seven Stones, in Lower Town. Polreath guesthouse is located in Higher Town, and one campsite, between Lower Town and Middle Town is also present. There are quays at Higher Town (the Higher Town Quay, used at high tide) and at Lower Town (the Hotel Quay, used at low tide). A bakery, St. Martins Bakery, is located at Higher Town.
To the north, St Martin's is joined by a tidal causeway to White Island.


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